“Completing a project requires a strong team. This team needs access to the right office personnel, equipment, training and technology. Earth Basics employs experts who specialize in business, accounting, earth moving, equipment management and the latest earthwork technology available in the industry.”

Redlands, CA

A 1,000,000 square foot pad fits right in place with the Earth Basics team.  Infrastructure, Scraper, General Engineering Contractor, Excavator Projects this size can be tricky for some. Land clearing, slope leveling, infrastructure, problem!  We started out with a pre-water operation while we mobilized heavy equipment to the site. The equipment used for this site consisted of: (8)- 657 E  Infrastructure, Scraper, General Engineering Contractor, Excavator Caterpilar Model scrapers, (2)- 623 F Cat  Model scrapers, and support equipment consisting of water trucks, an 824 Cat Dozer and a John Deere 772 GP (motorgrader) scraper blade. Before the watering was complete it was time for us to roll. We hit the ground hard, pounding the earth to the required compaction and moisture content including the over excavation as required. Cuts and fills were completed and the pad was being graded to a tolerance of +/- 0.04 to balance. 15 days after we started  Infrastructure, Scraper, General Engineering Contractor, Excavator moving dirt we had a certified pad. Bang! Done!

All this was viable utilizing the Earth Basics Advanced Connected Construction Site (ACCS).



Chino, CA

Earth Basics_General Engineering_Earth Moving_Projects_Chino 1At 400,000 sq ft, this project is a typical slam dunk for the team. That is, until our crew learned the original water source was not going to be available, and we had to improvise. EarthBasics_contracting_engineering_earth moving_Chino_2_developers_Southern CaliforniaTime to lay some pipe!  Nearly a mile of eight inch diameter PVC was laid to reach and fill our water tower allowing the fun to begin. After a lengthy site pre-water, (temperatures had been near or over 100 degrees for weeks), Earth Basics spent 7 work days preparing the sub grades for the site. The pad was certified without any needed corrections and we were again very pleased with the teamwork involved by the clients and the Earth Basics family.


Earth_Basics_Demolition_Construction_Land Development

Blythe, CA

Just a few miles west of the Arizona border, right next to…(well, nothing really) …was the perfect piece of desert destined to become the next Southern Californian Edison electrical sub-station. With a huge push for Solar Energy fields in the open desert areas, Earth BEarth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving developers_Blytheasics was called upon to do some earth moving in yet another challenging environment. Heavy equipment needed to be hauled 5 miles from the nearest paved road to a hot desert jobsite familiar with temperatures over 115 degrees. The civil engineer’s drainage and grading plan required 1,000,000 cubic yards of earth moving, 5,900,000 sq ft of site grading and 300,000 sq ft of slope grading. The Devers-Palo Verde substation was designed to handle upwards of 500 Kilovolts, to be directed back towards the Southern California energy market. Tier 3 and Tier 4 ‘quality emission standards’ were met with all of the heavy equipment used for excavating, rough grading, fine grading and general mass grading.

Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving grading developers_BlytheNative American Heritage Commission representatives worked alongside Earth Basics in pre-ground breaking land assessment as well as during the land development process.

The Earth Basics heavy equipment had to be encased in protective netting to avoid random bird nesting which can actually derail a project, even at this size. Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving grading developers_BlytheAlso, constant protective measures were taken to continually monitor the area careful not to interfere with local wildlife like the desert tortoise. (Cute little guys!) Overall this project was completed on budget and AHEAD of schedule!

Glen Helen 600k San Bernadino, CA

Some of the toughest challenges seem to arise when you least expect them. Our Glen Helen project seemed to start off on a Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Movingrocky road, (quite literally). When the first soils report came in, it looked as if it would be Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving Gradingsmooth sailing in Southern California. However, after a test dig revealed a bed of large rocks just below the visible surface of the jobsite, the Earth Basics team adjusted quickly to create a new plan of attack. Normally this re-routing could take weeks, putting the entire project behind schedule. …However, a new batch of specified equipment was mobilized and directed to the jobsite within a few days, keeping the timeline current and the finish-line in sight. Just another example of how Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving GradingEarth Basics stays agile in responding to changing conditions, while finding solutions for dealing with the unknown.


Portola Springs Levee Repair, IRVINE CA

As the community of the “2008 Land Development Project of the Year,” continues to grow(better known as Portola Springs in Irvine) does the need for surrounding infrastructure stability.

Earth Basics Contracting was the chosen contractor to repair a dam and levee located in Plan Area 6, North of Heritage Fields in the heart of the Irvine Company’s Development.  Earth Basics General Engineering Levee repair Portola SpringsHeavy iron was utilized removing vegetation, inlet and pipe, v-ditch, trees and excavating sediment in basins to prepare the levee for its facelift.  Down drains, splash walls, trap channels and pipe entrances were constructed and thousands of pounds of rip rap encompassed the refurbished levee.  Under time restraints, EBCC managed to pursue the vigorous schedule in order to complete the project as demanded by the Irvine Company-all while maintaining a perfect safety record!


Prologis Park, Beaumont CA

This project is located on the 60 freeway just west of interstate 10. The area boundary lies to the east of a well-known area called “The Badlands”. Due to the extreme riding terrain here, this location has become a popular riding spot where many motocross videos have been shot. To Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineeringthe east Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Prologis Park gradingof the site is a well-known travelers stop called the Dowling Orchards, a small but friendly store that travelers / truckers have found to be a good stop to pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, jams and drinks on their way out of town. Part of the site work package is to construct a new parking lot for the store.
This site started out as a two-phase project. Before we were complete with the mass grading for phase one, we were contracted for phase two, Earth_Basics_projects_Contracting_General Engineering_Earth Movingturning a good project into a great project. At just less than 200 acres we Earth_Basics_projects_Prologis_4_Contracting_General Engineering_Earth Movingmoved almost 3.5 million cubic yards of earth and fine graded 8,276,400 square feet of land. Like all of our projects, we completed this one with machine controlled GPS guided equipment.


Highland Corporate Center, Riverside CA

Earth Basics Contracting Corporation_General Engineering_Earth MovingNestled in Southern California, toward the South-East of Riverside county, and at the end of Palmayrita Avenue, Highland Corporate Centerwas an exciting earth moving project for us. This project came with some fun design challenges, like elevation changes of over 100 feet and a massive water line, over 12 feet in diameter, that was tunneled through the Box Canyon mountain range. Earth Basics had to engineer and construct a bridge to spread the weight of the scrapers to cross overEarth Basics_Contracting Corporation_General Engineering_Highland Park_2_Earth Moving_ the water line in order to haul over 150,000 cubic yards to the westerly side of the project. (That’s enough dirt to cover a football field 85 feet high!!) During the project we discovered the shrinkage numbers provided were inaccurate, so working on the fly and adapting to the situation, Earth Basics raised the engineered dimensions over one foot to get a balanced site. The terrace style development gave us some challenging and fun working conditions!


Doty Trust Park, Riverside CA

Tucked away in a sleepy little Southern Californian residential neighborhood, lies a challenging piece of land where our crew had Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Movingsome fun. When Earth Basics mobilized several 657 E model scrapers along with a D-10 N dozer and other miscellaneous support equipment, those sleepyEarth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Moving neighbors began to wake up a bit. As we began to move earth, we wrassled with some boulders the size of a large semi truck. The Earth Basics crew then had to turn to our rock blasting methods and decided to drill and blast the rocks to break them down to a manageable size. “small-import-car-size”. As our team was nearing the Earth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering Earth Movingcompletion of the designed earthwork, the neighborhood had been in touch with the city with complaints of the way the slopes angled. (Apparently everybody thinks they are a qualified design engineer).  So, after some field discussions, it was concluded that we could reduce the slope angle with a fresh engineering design and create aEarth Basics Contracting Corporation General Engineering happy neighborhood. In the end, the earthwork project was still completed on time with smiles on all the neighborhood faces…

As well as the neighborhood boulders!

Sysco Foods / Meridian Business Park / Moreno Valley, CA

Earth Basics General Engineering Sysco Moreno Valley Earthwork gradingEarth Basics handled the grading for a 462,000 square foot Sysco Foods facility that breaks down to over 63,000 square feet of office space, 114,000 square feet of freezer space and 38,000 square feet of cooler space. The remainder is warehouse space (probably full of knives and forks to go along with all that great food!). The building pad had over 7 different sub grade elevations for the Earth Basics team to coordinate. This tested the engineering and 3-D modelingEarth Basics General Engineering Sysco Moreno Valley Earthwork grading skills from our office staff to insure the field guys had the proper sections to cut. After completing the grading of the pad, it was certified and there were zero corrections to be made. (Pretty much like throwing a perfect game!).


Dallas, TX

Everything in Texas is supposed to be bigger right? Well it DEFINITELY is now! Earth Basics showed Earth Basics General Engineering Contractor Land Clearing Dallas Texasup with a line up of extra-large heavy equipment, not usually seen in this neck of the woods. This project has it all: land clearing, demolition, excavation, earth moving and heavy equipment needs. After encountering the Texas limestone that we were a bit concerned about we concluded that we have what it takes to be a Texas contractor. After 400k, square feet and five weeks of grading, we beat the schedule by several weeks. With business as usual now, we are ready for the next project to get underway. This general engineering contractor is ready to turn heads in Texas, beating timelines and establishing ourselves as the newest construction company on the block!



(coming soon)

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