“Through-out the multi-year process your team performed with the absolute best standard of professionalism. Earth Basics General Engineering Contractor Prologis Referral letter 1 Your use of the latest technology for GPS grade checking and the full color cut/fill large scale plans that you generated paid a significant dividend in allowing the project team to make clear-cut, confident decisions as we moved forward in maximizing the efficiency of the site for various “what if” scenarios.

We dealt with 60’-70’ ravines to be filled and storm water infrastructure lines that would end the day at 50’ or more below finish grade as 3.5 million CY of earth moved around the site and your team came up with one great suggestion after another for coordination and planning the effort.

Thanks for your help with the Beaumont property development.  I look forward very much to working with you personally and your entire team on my next project.”

Fredrick Schumaker      Prologis

Earth Basics General Engineering Sysco Moreno Valley Earthwork grading“Earth Basics..performed the work in a timely and professional manner and were proactive with all involved in the project.

It was a pleasure working with Earth Basics personnel, including their office staff and their people working on the project site.

We hope to continue our working relationship with Earth Basics and their Subcontractors on future ET projects in Southern California.”

Ken Kieselbach     ET  Enviromental California, Inc.

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